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Höstrunda 2020 / Autumn Art route

Last week we had a different art route than our regular art route in May. Off course due to the Covid Pandemi that has changed our lives so completely. When we planned this Art Route, no one knew in advance how our visitors were going to respond or if they would dare to come to public events. I was lucky to have my art exhibition in a large salon. That made it easier to keep our distance. I'm so grateful that so many people came by on saturday and sunday! Thank you for stopping by, for the lovely talks I had with so many of you and a big thanks for buying my art. The pictures give you an idea of my Art exhibition 2020! Hope to see you next year. Same place, but at our regular art period, Ascension weekend (Kristi Himmelfärtsdag) May 13-May 16 2021!

14 SEP. 2020

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