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About the artist ....

"Soft meets strength" 

"Soft meets strength in Sussanne Snoeck's work.

The craft as well as the motifs combine knowledge and curiosity. The work is loving and the style is classic. The works radiate strength and fragility in a bold and honest combination.

The sculptures in clay and bronze offer lightness and movement. Where as the firm busts are perceived as expressive and alive. Sussanne's paintings maintain the same high level as the sculptures that form the basis of her artistry.


Many of Sussanne's dancers are inspired by the dancer and choreographer Martha Graham, who, with her strong expressions, was one of the founders of modern dance.

Sussanne likes to capture dance and movement with her works, and bronze suits the dancers well. She wants to bring out an expression with a lot of detail, to underline the passion.

All her sculptures have a story to tell, they are just waiting for the observer to notice or feel it.  


She has had several jury selected exhibitions in Sweden and in Denmark, numerous exhibitions, (solo and joined), in Sweden, Berlin, the Netherlands. 

More information, also about coming exhibitions, can be found under "News" and Snoecks Blogg. 

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