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Laholms Filmpris   


"Film, like any art form, can touch you and add sparkle to your life. It can make you smile or cry, even change the way you think about life, the world and other people. Good movies not only scratch the surface but also poke at the soul to make us aware that our truth may not be the only truth.


When I was asked to make a sculpture for Laholm's film prize, I wanted to capture the glitter, the glamour of the world of film. I wanted to capture the pride and charisma of the actor and actress. Although the film wheel has lost its place in today's film world, with all the digitization, it still symbolizes magic. I

am honored and grateful to contribute a lasting memory to the deserving recipient of this sculpture.

Art that honors another art form is one of the best ways to communicate.” -

Sussanne Snoeck,

artist and sculptor of Laholm's film prize. The original is made of stoneware, cast in bronze.

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“Quiet the mind,

and the soul

will speak.”

Ceramics sculpture with 

bronz & silver glaze

The role of women in Art 

Yesterday I saw the beautiful documentary of Hilma af Klint. An insight in her life as an artist which was at the beginning of 1900. 
She was one of the first (female) abstract painters but is until today not recognised as such. Male painters as Kadinsky and Mondriaan are seen as the fouders of abstract painting. But after seeing this documentary I think history should be rewritten! 

I can highly recommend this documentary!
"Beyond the visible" - Hilma af Klint 

A big applause for this fema
le artist that knew she was ahead of her time and did not get the appreciation she deserved during her lifetime


hilma af klint.jpg

New project on it´s way

"Think good thoughts"


Price winner of Jubileums Stipendiat of Galleri Bluelight! 

Gratefull and proud that I´m the winner of the " 30 years Jubileums Stipendiat of Galleri Bluelight".  Thank you so much Per o Helen Widel! 

Galleri Bluelight :

A reel of my work at : instagram:

Jury rated
stipendium exhibition 

I´m happy to announce that I´m admitted to the jury rated stipendium exhibition of Galleri Bluelight. 

Vernissage September 9
, 13.00-17.00 
The exhibition is from 9-24 september 2023

Galleri Bluelight 
Svalegatan 4 
Svalöv Skåne 



Halmstad Art & Design


I'm excited to announce that from the 1 of August I will be exhibiting on a permanent basis at Halmstad Art & Design. 


Adress; Brogatan 48, 30238 Halmstad

I will be exhibiting part of my work here, sculptures (in ceramics and brons) as well as some paintings. 



Konstrunda 2023

Welcome to visit me during Konstrunda 2023 15-21 May!

During "Konstrunda" I will be exhibiting my sculptures in brons and ceramics!  

I will be present all days between 11-17.


Hope to meet you there!

Adress: Edenberga 503 in Edenberga 

Kunst in Ootmarsum 2022

My first acquaintance with Ootmarsum. 

I admit, I have fallen in love with this nice little art minded  pitoresk city in the east of The Netherlands.  What a warm and sincere meetings and conversations I have had with lots  and lots of people! My serie brons sculptures  "Resilience" led to many tears and heartbreaking stories of the hardships people go through in life. 
When seeing my sculptures each and everyone (!) of them found consolation in them. 
Recognition, hope, perspektive, love, gratitude  .... some of the words they expressed when looking at  the sculptures. 

This fills me gratitude and warms my soul and artists heart! 
Thank you so much for sharing...   this means a lot to me  <3 


Back to Berlin 

Excited to be part of this international exhibition in Berlin, from 16-20 august at Forum Factory in Berlin!  An exhibition organised by Galleri Zero and Forum Factory.My first exhibition in Berlin where I will be exhibiting several of my brons sculptures! 
I will be present at the Vernissage on Tuesday August 16 and on Wednesday!  Hope to see you there or in Ootmarsum the week after!

"Kunst in Ootmarsum "

In august I will be present at the big art fair in Ootmarsum.3 days of art in fantastic surroundings, Ootmarsum center! 
Honoured to be part of this fair, knowing that so many artists applied for being part of it and because that last years fair was cancelled. 

Hope to see you there on 26-28 August! 
More info at : Kunst in Ootmarsum       


"Inner growth"

In my new serie sculptures "INNER GROWTH"  I combine clay with white fabric. The softness of the fabric in combination with the "hardness" of the clay sculpture makes an exciting combination! Welcome to see the serie at "Konstrundan 2022" in Edenberga 503.

I will show different new series of brons sculptures! 

You can find me at 4 different locations this year!!!
1 Samlingsutställning in "Rotundan" in Varberg 
2 Samlingsutställning in "Rådhuset" in Laholm 
3 Galleri "SnoecK&Leja,  Storgatan 16 in Laholm  
4 my yearly Galleri "SNOECK" at Edenberga 503.
I will be present myself in Edenberga during the whole art route! 


Galleri SnoecK&Leja 

Welcome to our Galleri SnoecK&Leja in Laholm (Storgatan 16) 

Laholm deserved a gallery, a place where art lovers meet.

So Leja (Lindén Jacobsson) and I joined forces to make it happen!

We will be not only exhibit our own art on a permanent basis, but also invite other artists to show their work during a 2-weeks exhibition.  More info (also about upcoming events) on our Facebook page: 

Hope to see you there! 

Do not forget to visit "Tecknings museet" a place well worth a visit! 


Portrait Now 2021! in Ljungbergmuseet

The Portraint Now 2021! exhibition is now on tour and will be shown at Ljungbergmuseet in Ljungby Sweden from September 4-November 14, 2021.

Your chance to see my "EBBA" in real live! 

Don't miss this exhibition of high quality and divers techniques! 



My portrait "EBBA" is one of the selected portraits for the Museum of National History’s Nordic portrait competition ‘Portrait NOW! 2021’.


The exhibition includes the winner of the Carlsberg Foundation’s Portrait Award, the winners of the second and third prizes, a number of special awards as well as works selected by an international jury. The winners will be announced on 6 May 2021. Portrait NOW! welcomes all media to an exhibition presenting several of the portrait genre’s various forms of expression.

The exhibition is open from 7 May to 1 August 2021.

Kirke Ralph

Stipendium 2020

I'm  honoured to recieve the Kirke Ralph Stipendium 2020 

On November 11, 2020 I recieved the Kirke Ralph Stipendium at Delihallen i Laholm. I was selected by the jury out of 20 other artists working and living in the Laholm Area.  
The motivation of the jury: "The soft meets the strong in Sussanne Snoeck's work.  The sculptures in clay and bronze offer lightness and movement and are passionate in a classic style. 
The works radiate strength and fragility in a bold and honest combination."

Besides the honour and a value check I will be featured in Laholm Magasin with a 3 page article and an exhibition in Delihallen in Laholm (11/11 - 27/11 2020)

I'm proud, humble, honoured and gratefull at the same time! Thank you Catharina and Daniel Sanjay Ohlsson (Kirke Ralph Stiftelse) and 
Ulrika Träff (Magasin Laholm) for this great acknowledgment and appreciation of my work!   

Thank you Delihallen Laholm (Martina) for enabling me to exhibit my work!

Exhibition in
Radhus in Laholm


To be continued!

The exhibition in Radhus in Laholm was a success! Thanks to all the visitors and buyers of our art! Every year in October an exhibition will be organised in the "Radhus" in Laholm. 
So we hope to meet you again next year!  


Exhibition in "Radhuset" in Laholm

The whole month of October 4 artists (incl. myself) will exhibit  their work at the former Council house in Laholm. We have a broad variation of art, raku ceramic sculptures, mixed media paintings, aquarell and acryl paintings and my brons sculptures will be there for you to enjoy.Many people paid us a visit on our vernissage on Saturday the 3rd of October, which made our day! Please drop in to see our work at this beautiful exhibition in this wonderful historic building...


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