This week 2 of my sculptures found their way to their new homes..
Always a special moment to see and hear how much your work is appreciated!
A customer bought my sculpture DANCE_DANCE_DANCE as a wedding anniversary present for his wife.. She was over the moon.... I received a message with the gratitude of the customer for the amazing, wonderful sculpture. Such messages fill me with gratitude. 

Another customer sent me a picture of her purchase. One of my Martha Graham sculptures got a prominent place in her home. Every time she passes it, she gets a smile on her face, so she wrote.. 

And that makes my day... ! 
Have a great day!!

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A concert with music written by female composers, stories about strong women that created, persevered in history, combined with the creativity of temporary artists ....
I will be one of the artists exhibiting some of my sculptures at this amazing location!
Sept 1, 2019
From 17.30 - 19.00 
S:t Clemens Kyrka
#exhibition #comtemporaryart #modernsculptures #figurativeart #sculptures#clay #bronze #musicandart #saxophones #charlottepolson #snoecksculptures#strongwomen #skaparkraft #laholm

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This is a sculpture in commission for a customer. 

This picture, with the magnificent blue sky above underlines the freedom this dancer feels when she surrenders to her passion of dancing.... 

People have asked me several times if I have danced myself...
I do love to dance, but have never done it on a professional level

I'd rather try to capture the moves, their passion in my sculptures. 

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Dance, dance dance...

She had always imagined to be dancing, ever since she was a young girl.
As she grew up, this feeling became stronger and there was nothing like it.
Dancing gave her the feeling of being completely free, music made her feel almost enlightened...

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Ireland, mid 1960. This period, called "The Troubles", was a period of severe unrest and violence between the Protestants and Catholics....   
A period dominated by hate between religions which led to tension, worries and deaths ...
When I finished this portrait it was immediately clear to me that an Irish "citizen" was born, Liam. Someone who was worried and was hit by the violence in his country. The fear and worries in his eyes, the vulnerability....  
What would the future bring?   

Is history repeating itself in different parts of the world? 

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Instagram - updates


Trying out different scenes, colours, sizes... Maybe the clown was a reaction on the overkill Halloween? 🤣 Who knows... #art #painting #experimenting #artwork #tryingoutnewthings #loveit


Meet ”Anne”. A portrait I made under summer. Copper patina made her even more vivid! What do you say? . #art #portrait #copperpatine #figurativesculpture #figurativeart #sculpture #modernart #snoecksculptures


What a smart looking & intriguing guy... People have called him “Jesus”, “snygging”, “pretty face”, “what a stare he gives us, mr. fabulous”. Love to experiment with painting. I don’t know why I never tried it out before... but at least I’m doing it now! 😊 What a fun and gratitude I feel when faces like this arise from my brush. Hallelujah...... perhaps he’s Jesus anyway? But next week I’ll focus on sculpting and modelling again 🤗 #art #painting #jesus #handsomeguy #whatalook #acrylicpainting #portrait #portraitpainting #nofilterneeded