A portrait

To capture a specific feeling of a person in a portrait gives depth, gives you some insight in the person. 
I believe that a portrait or sculpture is much more than making a perfect copy. It is catching the character, the mood or the aura someone has.

When I get inspired by people my hands want to capture that.
After watching a documentary of sir Winston Churchill you could find me in my atelier the next morning, translating my feeling in the clay to a portrait. 
The Dalai Lama is, besides his wise words, a real character in his looks, the way he smiles. His wisdom is instantly translated in his eyes and smile. How glad I became when I captured this. 

My sculptures and portraits are for sale, contact me for price quotations and/or special requests.  



A movement, the position of a hand or head, the way a body curves tells you so much more than words...
It instantly evokes an emotion and the greatest part is that this differs between people, based on own experiences and the way they percieve the world.  

I get inspired by people that tell a story. Whether it's a captured movement of unbounded youth or the wisdom in old faces or bodies, the effect that this has on me is something that I cannot ignore. It inspires me to translate my feelings into a portrait or sculpture ...

Contact me for price quotations and/or special requests.  

Some of my dancers are now also availabe in brons!  The sculptures are casted in limited editions (max 6 or 12) for I want them to stay unique! In that way you are guaranteed that you have a unique SnoecK sculpture! 

The picture gallery in the middle illustrate the sculptures now available in brons.
More to come soon! 

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